Diamond Plumbing, Greater Portland’s Emergency Plumber

Diamond Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is proud to provide emergency plumbing services within our service range: the Southern Maine coast from Freeport to Biddeford.

Same Day Emergency Plumbing 24/7

If you need emergency plumbing, you need it now. This is why we’re available anytime. If you’re an existing customer, we will do whatever it takes to provide emergency services as soon as possible for a flat 40% overtime fee. Below are some examples of the urgent plumbing cases we’ve been able to help with in the past.

A Lucky Day For A Broken Water Line

A Lucky Day For A Broken Water Line

While we were nearby providing service to another client, we had a woman come up to us, exasperated by her situation and hopeful we could help. She lived right next door, and her son had just accidentally broken a water line leading to their bathroom sink. She tried calling her usual plumber, and they couldn’t make it until the next day.

Meanwhile, her house was flooding. She remembered seeing our van next door, and we were happy to help. We came right over, shut off the water to her sink in short order, and turned what could have been a real disaster into something manageable, much to her relief. While we can’t promise always to be right next door when you need us, but we do promise to be there when you need us.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking Pipes

We got a call for a flooding bathroom. The customer thought the water line to their toilet must be leaking. We investigated when we arrived and found that the water line was totally fine, but the toilet’s wax seal had cracked, and water was seeping through the base.

In short order, we were able to pull the toilet, put in place a new wax seal, and reseat the toilet. We turned the water back on and tested it out, and no leak! In less than an hour, their bathroom was back in working order, good as new.

A Water Heater Disaster

A Water Heater Disaster

We got a call from a client whose basement had flooded overnight. We came over straight away to assess and fix the issue. While the client assumed their water main must have burst, we found the actual culprit quickly: the water heater had sprung a substantial leak. We cut off the water to the heater, removed it, and installed a new system in two hours; just three hours after we arrived, the client had hot water and no more leaks!
Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup

We got a call late in the evening for a backed-up sewer main from a client and headed out immediately. We started snaking the line as soon as we arrived and found woody debris that told us roots were growing into the line and clogging it up, a common issue in New England. Once we knew the culprit, we were able to break through the roots and clear the drain line, reversing the disastrous sewer backup.

Courtesy Checks

Every time we make a service call, we offer a free courtesy check of your property for common signs of developing problems. Specifically, we’re looking for the following:

  • Corrosion on lines that lead to line failure and leaks
  • Damaged or leaking pipe seals that need to be replaced
  • Wear and tear on water lines
  • Water heater corroding

On average, there are about 22 points of failure we inspect in a typical home. If you think about it, there are two waterlines for every sink & tub, one for every toilet, and drains for each of these fixtures you rely on. All of these lines age and can fail over time, so staying ahead of problems is the best way to avoid incidental damage from backups, leaks, or (in the worst case) major flooding.